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Urban Sheds are designed and constructed using cutting edge methods with the the highest regard for stylish perfection.

The modern design is sure to please. An Urban Shed will allow you to work from home, thereby deleting your daily time spent in traffic getting to the office. An economical solution to those looking to add costly living space to your house without the need for costly renovations, additions, or buying a new house just to add another room.

Sheltered from the elements, and saturated with natural light, you will find hundreds of uses for an Urban Shed. Urban Shed provides a unique solution to a garden office, yoga studio, games room, craft retreat, just naming a few, but the uses are limitless, so put your imagination to the test. Drawing from contemporary elements the Urban Shed creates a private space where productivity and relaxation can thrive in undisturbed tranquility.

Do you think the design would compliment your yard, but don't need a new finished space? We also offer just the shell, a great alternative to a conventional shed. Nearly every component in an Urban Shed is customizable, including colors, size, and windows and doors. A typical installation is in one day, so you can enjoy your studio immediately.


A Little Bit of What We Do